How we started

Our story starts in the cold Ohio winter of 2005. Jennie Duecker found herself driving 30 minutes for a personalized gift that would cost her more than a pretty penny. But before she could make it, an idea stopped her in her tracks. She wanted to supply people with a personal, affordable, one-stop-shop for personal gifts. From that moment, a business was born.

After nearly 16 years, Anything Personalized is still growing each day. With partnerships such as RDP, UltimateSack, All Star Sports, and many schools and small businesses, we are a trusted supplier to a wide variety of commercial customers.

While handling large orders such as these daily, we also work hard to meet the needs of our everyday customer. We treat our customers with great care and make sure that we never risk ethics and love for the sake of business.

Every customer is important to us and receives our extra care and diligence. We try our hardest to always work with customers to make it most convenient for them in every situation, and when there is an issue, we will go out of our way to make things right.

At reasonable prices and devoted, personal service, Anything Personalized is your one-stop-shop for all your personalization needs!