Ideas for Back to School Wear

How to Rule the School of Cool with Your Unique, Personalized Wardrobe

Back-to-school season is right around the corner, which means your annual back-to-school shopping trip is already in the books. Every year, families contribute to the billions of dollars spent retail shopping for back-to-school essentials, such as electronics, clothing and shoes. In 2021, online shopping remained the top destination for back-to-school purchases, with consumers purchasing from sale events such as Prime Day, Target Deal Days and Walmart Deals for Days.

It’s always nice to have a few staples in your closet, but if everyone is shopping from the same places, how will you stand out? Show off your unique style this school year by personalizing your stuff—t-shirts, jackets, backpacks… whatever’s calling your name for a place in your closet.

5 Insanely Fun Ways to Show Off Your Personality

Have you ever walked through a store and seen the same old things year after year? Do they have your favorite character but never the right size? Or maybe, they don’t have the one character you were looking for in the store.

Even though physical retail is vital for inspiration, most of your top stores only carry the mainstream items that happen to be popular right now. When you want to spice it up with other options, try these fun ideas for back-to-school wear to show off your personality on your clothing and accessories.

1. Be a #1 Sports Fan

It’s possible that where you live isn’t where your child’s favorite team plays. Or, they love a sport that doesn’t fall under the mainstream category, such as volleyball or European soccer. Whatever it may be, you can give your child everything from a new hat to a hoodie and t-shirt with personalized silk-screen or embroidered items. Proudly sport your favorite teams all year long.

2. Celebrate Your Hobbies

One of the coolest parts about going to school and meeting new people is sharing all the ways that make you who you are–like your hobbies. Children are constantly learning new hobbies and having unique experiences with their families. You should celebrate those experiences and hobbies! 

Personalizing your back-to-school wear with silk-screened shirts or embroidered hats and backpacks will help you stand out and be a great conversation starter for those new friends you will make! 

3. You’ve Got Character, Kid

Yes, you can find some of your favorite characters at Target, Walmart, and other popular retail stores. However, if you are super into a character or television show that doesn’t come with a ton of merch, what do you do? For older kids, it may be that Indie band that no one has heard about or a vintage band that has stopped printing merch. 

Whatever it may be, Anything Personalized has the capability to screen print any transfer design to anything! 

4. Mad Scientist or English Professor 

Some kids REALLY love school. They get into their subjects like you wouldn’t believe, and suddenly that is all they talk about daily. Help them build a wardrobe that lets their love of learning shine. From space and reptiles to writing and reading, the sky is the limit when celebrating the things you love to learn. 

And remember–it doesn’t have to be Science or English. We know there are some History buffs and Math whizzes out there that are ready to jazz up their back-to-school looks as well.

5. Subtle, Simple Symbols

Maybe your kid only wants to add a little something that helps their regular clothes seem unique. One of the best ways to help them showcase their personality is to help them decide on some objects or symbols they love, it can be as simple as a peace sign or heart, and have them embroidered on their jeans, jacket, backpack, hat, etc.

Subtle, simple symbols can have so much meaning and can truly transform pieces of clothing into one-of-a-kind wardrobe staples that everyone will be raving about.

Reach out to Anything Personalized to Enhance Your Back-to-School Wear This Year

Show some personality with your clothing. It is an opportunity for your kid to really be themselves! At Anything Personalized, we can customize any of our products with screen printing or embroidery, and in turn, help you celebrate individuality and creativity. 

If you and your kid are looking for a way to make your ideas for back-to-school wear come to life, choose a product to get started on your design! We would love to collaborate with you on your fresh wardrobe style. 

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