What to Consider Before Purchasing New Employee Uniforms and Corporate Branded Apparel

Getting new employee uniforms and corporate branded apparel is an easy way to advertise your business to potential customers and clients, make your employees feel like a team, and leave a lasting impression of your brand. Custom screen printing and embroidery companies make it easier than ever for businesses to brand corporate apparel in unique and creative ways. 

But before purchasing new employee uniforms and corporate branded apparel, there are a few things you should consider…

Avoid Ordering from Catalogs 

In order for your company apparel to stand out, avoid ordering new employee uniforms and corporate apparel from catalogs. Many of these companies offer the same thing to everyone, so your company apparel will just blend in with the crowd. In order to achieve a fully customized look with one-of-a-kind branding, opt to order from a smaller company that specializes in screen-printing and embroidery and can offer more personalized service.

Incorporate Brand into Your Design 

Customize your new employee uniforms or corporate apparel with your company name, brand logos, slogans and other trademarks to increase brand recognition. Companies should choose apparel designs that showcase logos and slogans in ways that are easy for customers and clients to see and recognize. In addition, apparel colors should be chosen that will look best in combination with your logo and company colors.

Customize Uniforms Based on Each Department 

Custom workwear has the ability to create cohesion and pride within departments and build a sense of camaraderie throughout the company, fostering a better culture at work. Therefore, companies with many departments should consider designing different uniforms and corporate apparel for each. Every uniform could showcase the same design, but the actual apparel could be different colors for each department of the company.

Design Correlating Accessories and Products 

Business branding on apparel and accessories

Screen-printing and embroidery service companies are more advanced than ever when it comes to customizing apparel and products with logos. Therefore, companies should consider choosing designs for new employee uniforms and corporate apparel that can easily be transferred on to correlating accessories and products. Customized accessories compliment company uniforms, while customized products can be given to customers to help build the brand. Designs that aren’t overdone with detail are easier to screen print and embroider onto accessories and products.

 Ideas for correlating accessories include:

  • Baseball Caps
  • Beanies
  • Hats

Design for Practicality and Comfort

Research has shown that practical and comfortable workwear positively impacts productivity. Practicality is definitely something companies should consider when customizing company apparel. New employee uniforms and company apparel should be comfortable, adhere to safety standards depending on the industry, and should be customized based on the type of work each employee does and the environment in which each employee works in. 

Screen printing makes it easy to transfer designs onto a variety of fabrics, such as breathable and water-resistant materials.

Pick the Best Printing Method  

When it comes to customizing new employee uniforms and company apparel, companies can choose between embroidery or screen printing, and each has its set of advantages. 

Embroidery lasts longer without fading away, while screen printing is more affordable, more suitable for a wide range of fabrics, including darker colored apparel, and brings out vibrant colors on fabric. Companies should choose their printing method according to the logo and fabric of the uniforms they plan on using.

Time It Out 

Placing large orders takes time, from the design process to the manufacturing process, so companies should take this into consideration before placing an order. It is a smart idea to order in advance as much as possible. It is also recommended for companies to order more than they need in order to keep extra inventory in stock for new employees or to have branded giveaways on hand.

The best part about working with a company like Anything Personalized for your apparel is that we do accept rush orders and always do our best to fulfill every order that comes across our desk.

Request Proofs Beforehand

Group of people designing a t-shirt

It is helpful for companies to put together a checklist with what they are looking for in company apparel, listing things like custom branded, affordable, and durable. Custom screen-printing and embroidery companies are experts regarding all of the variables of personalization and will be able to tell companies their best options based on what they want beforehand.

Partner with Anything Personalized

To get the most out of new employee uniforms and corporate apparel, work with a custom screen-printing and embroidery company like Anything Personalized that has the expertise and technology to assist with the design process and take brands to the next level. 

Choose a product to start customizing company apparel with Anything Personalized today.