Trending T-Shirt Designs for Inspiration

Individuals, businesses, and organizations are designing their own t-shirts now more than ever since the process is both easy and affordable. Well-designed t-shirts are great for networking, starting conversations, raising awareness, creating a sense of community, showing off your personal style, and even just making someone smile. Graphic tees have always been popular, but they’re back in full swing as people are truly embracing their own personality and creativity in their looks. For each special moment in your life, celebration, and even every day of the week, there is a t-shirt that fits the occasion.

With companies like Anything Personalized making it easier and more affordable than ever to design customized t-shirts, now is the time to get inspired with the following trending ideas and concepts in t-shirt design.

Lettering Designs

Graphic tee pandemic

When most people think of custom-designed t-shirts, they think of lettering t-shirts because these are perfect for every occasion. You can really have fun when designing these t-shirts by customizing messages, fonts, and how the text is displayed. Choose vintage-style lettering when making t-shirts for dads or grandpas on Father’s Day, or use bright lettering and multi-colored words on t-shirts for kids for added fun.

The possibilities are endless with numerous colors, fonts, and sizes to choose from. So make your own graphic tee that everyone else will want, too!

Trending now on lettering t-shirts are:

  • Company names, slogans
  • Phrases
  • Strong statements
  • Quotes
  • Inside jokes
  • Repeating text
  • Light text on black/bold-colored shirt
  • Humorous slogans
  • Names

Photo Designs 

Photo t-shirt designs are popular for those that have a special photographed moment in life that they would like to showcase in their wardrobe. These t-shirts are perfect to wear on special occasions like your honeymoon or birthday. It is now easier than ever to have a high-quality picture of a recent graduate, newly married couple, or your pet transferred onto a t-shirt. Simply gather photos of what you plan to illustrate and they can easily be screen printed on apparel and many other items. 

So when a hat that says “dog mom” just doesn’t cut it, you can actually wear a picture of your pup right on your shirt!

Single-Color Designs

Line drawing screen printed on a t-shirt

T-shirts with a single-color design ensure that your t-shirt will fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. Choose white or another single-color for the design and the linework will really pop. Use a pastel color when you are aiming for a colorful yet simple t-shirt design or choose a lighter garment color with a bold ink color for your design to pop.

Graphic Designs

United States of America graphic tee

Businesses, organizations, and individuals can really get creative with graphic designs and transfer them on to t-shirts. Not only can you place a company logo on a t-shirt to help create brand awareness and draw attention, but individuals can have their own cute graphic designs made to celebrate being a stay-at-home mom or dad. T-shirts with graphics that show off what you do and are passionate about are great conversation starters. For businesses, they are ideal for networking with others in the field and communicating brand messages in a more casual and fun way that catches attention.

Sports Designs

Sports uniforms are designed to unify teammates while they are playing a sport together, and custom t-shirts can bring teams together when they are off the field. Use your team name, logo, mascot, and more for t-shirt designs that encourage team spirit on road trips and to pick-up new fans along the way. Teams should have extra t-shirts made to give away to family and fans or to sell for team fundraisers.

Hand-Drawn Designs

Bear hunting shirt with hand drawn bear

T-shirts with hand-drawn and sketched designs allow businesses, organizations, and individuals to be very imaginative, stylish, and stand out in a crowd. Pencil-like drawings contain crisp, detailed linework that is timeless. Neutral, earthy tones work really well in combination with minimalist designs. By increasing the scale of hand-drawn designs, you can have fun with the text you choose since readability won’t be an issue, and really make them pop.

Traditional Tattoo Designs 

Tigers tattoo design

Rocking a traditional tattoo design on your t-shirt will never be dull. Traditional tattoos contain bright colors and bold lines that really will make a t-shirt pop. Traditional tattoo designs are both timeless and beautiful and are great to draw inspiration from. Use bold colors such as red, green, blue, and yellow on black apparel to really make a statement.

Design Your T-Shirt with Anything Personalized

Anything Personalized not only has a passion for personalization but ensures to deliver quality products every time. Start designing custom t-shirts with Anything Personalized today! 

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